Successful Next Steps

"Pupils are well prepared for their future education, wherever it may be." Ofsted

When our children leave us at the end of Year 6, they are not just well prepared for the next step in their education, but ready to excel wherever they choose to go.

We provide a tailored transitions programme for the move to secondary school, running individual sessions with parents and students. These sessions tackle school selection, the application process, and where needed, test preparation.

We are extremely proud of each and every one of our students, many of whom go on to achieve excellence in their chosen field.

In their own words...


A picture of Saskia, a former ISL Surrey studentISL Surrey is known for its mother tongue program. I am half Dutch so I have Dutch lessons.I can tell that all of the language teachers are passionate about their jobs. We learn about our culture, how we read, talk and write. I think that this is a great skill for life and especially for a job. I can work for an international job in England or go to the Netherlands.

The lessons are fun and exciting. Every child in ISL Surrey can speak English and another language, some children can even speak three languages. If a child only comes from England or we (rarely) don’t have their language, they can learn French. Some children also take on French as an extra language. For language classes, I have it with my class (Year 6), Year 5 and Year 4. Some people think that this hinders our learning but actually the Dutch Year 6 children can give advice to the Year 4s and Years 5s. In conclusion I think being bilingual is a great skill in life.

Communicating with a wide range of people

ISL Surrey has taught and encouraged me to talk to a wide range of people. I have talked to visitors at a relocation event and I have also answered questions from visitors. At Bernard Sunley (an old people’s home where we make music with the residents) we communicate through talking, body language, music and a parachute that everyone holds on to. We do fun activities such as flower arrangement and music therapy sessions. I have also talked to staff at secondary schools. At ACS Egham I had an interview with the Dean of Admissions, the Principle of the Middle School, and the Principle of the whole school. I was a little nervous but it did not affect my ability to have an interview.


At ISL the teachers teach you how to take on responsibility. I am a student librarian; on Thursdays after school I help out. I sometimes do it during my break. I also help some of the boys in Year 6 who are making a tree house. I do the measuring, drawing the designs, and painting the tree house. When we did the performance Snow White, it was all up to us to learn our lines. We had a Town Hall meeting where we had to think of our ideas and persuade others to accept our proposals. We have already thought of great ideas to make ISL Surrey much better.


I have the confidence to talk to anyone. I can talk to all the staff and children at ISL. I can talk to the residents at Bernard Sunley Care Home without feeling uncomfortable, while making them feel happy (maybe because I remind them of their grandchildren). I can also talk to any staff at any other school. I am confident to share my ideas with the Principal at ISL, to any other staff, to my librarian and to my class and other students at the school. The Town Hall was an example of how I felt at ease talking in public. The meeting was full of students, teachers and parents.

My secondary school choices

For my secondary schools I had three options. One option was ACS Egham, where I was offered an academic scholarship for six years. To get into ACS I had to do an entrance exam, an interview with the Dean of Admissions, Principle of Middle School and the Principle of the whole school. I had to make a big decision. I decided to go to ACS for many reasons, including being able to continue Dutch, and to be able to work towards the IB Diploma, which will prepare me well for university.

Growth mindset, international mindedness and personal goals
At ISL Surrey, the students learn to have a growth mindset. The teachers encourage us to learn new things and improve the skills that we already have. Because ISL Surrey is international, we are taught to respect cultures, religions, black and white.

One of the other things we learn is the personal goals: respect, communication, co-operation, resilience, morality, adaptability, thoughtful thinker and enquirer. We use this through all of our lessons whilst the teachers encourage us to use them out of school. These skills are all important for our careers and future lives. We learn this through assemblies. I learnt co-operation through working with lots of different people.

Saskia won a scholarship to ACS Egham


May describes her time at ISL SurreyISL Surrey was my home for 4 years. It was the longest I have ever stayed in one school as my family moved around a lot when I was younger.

Though I am now in Year 10 at Frensham Heights, I still feel the benefit of my time at ISL Surrey.

We were given lots of responsibility, and at a very young age, encouraged to think of ourselves as useful and able to take action. My teachers now often comment on how independent and capable I am, and that I am a proactive student. I believe this is true - if there is something I need, I will go and find it. I am not scared to take a chance on new ideas or learning something new.

We were taught how to plan work over the long term and given lots of scope to design our own projects, so I do not need constant monitoring and my teachers and parents can trust me. We learned how to learn, and which strategies work best for us as individuals. I used these skills for my GCSE mocks revision - if you understand how you learn best, and don't give up, you can learn anything.

Moving from ISL Surrey was a shock, I hadn't understood how unusual it was to have so many languages and cultures in one school. I can appreciate that more now and am glad because it has prepared me to be open-minded and respectful towards people who do things differently.

I love languages, and was so well taught in ISL Surrey that I kept up my studies independently and have just taken my French A-level. I am the only person in my school to do this at my age, and I had to persuade them to let me. It took a lot of extra work, but I am glad I did because now I can take Spanish A-level too! I hope to be an architect one day, so will also take Maths, Physics, and Art. It is crazy to me that so many people are scared of Maths. I loved Maths at ISL, and I love it still. You just need to take it one step at a time. If you get the basics right, and the harder work will come easily.

My two brothers are still at ISL Surrey, so I can come back to visit regularly. Some of my friends have moved abroad, and some are right here in Surrey, but we all still keep in touch - I have friends all over the world!

ISL has given me so many skills that will be essential for the future, but mostly, I just had the best time there.


Louis former ISL pupilSince moving back to my home country of England, ISL Surrey has been a welcoming environment, where I was given so many unforgettable opportunities and endless support during my entire time there.

Ever since the start, ISL Surrey was always a school that continuously aimed to offer the best to their students. I remember the staff constantly looked for better ways of learning through teaching methods in the classroom, or use of technology. This meant that every lesson was interesting and engaging.

Each student felt nurtured in their growth and wellbeing, especially as the class size allowed you to feel a closer connection to your teachers and classmates. The whole school was a close community and network where you felt welcomed and happy.

I, in particular, enjoyed the fact that I was allowed to pursue my interests in performance through many ways; drama class, schools plays such as A Midsummer Night's Dream and to be able to run my own dance after school club. Although dance wasn't a subject offered at the time, I was constantly encouraged to pursue my interests outside school whilst still keeping up with academics.

I am also grateful for being encouraged to maintain my Spanish and Italian. Although I am English, I Iived abroad for a large chunk of my childhood. ISL Surrey encouraged me to keep up both languages. I went on to study Spanish at Higher Level IBDP and took my Italian A level two years early.

Because of this, I can say that ISL Surrey has definitely helped me to be where I am now.

Having completed my IB diploma, I am now undergoing full-time training at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance where I hope to pursue a career in dance in the future.

Louis completed his IB Diploma in May 2017. He graduated with 40 points (ranking him in the top 7.3% of students worldwide).


Sebastian former student at ISLI stepped into the gates of ISL Surrey after a year of international education at a local competitor. One of the most valued aspects of ISL is the community and 'family feel' in the school, and that a teacher doesn’t just teach one class, but the entire school.

You are cared for as an individual and assured tailored education. The culture of sharing is prominent, and has contributed so much to my personal development.

From day one, I was pushed, challenged and encouraged to do the best I could. With the many opportunities I was granted, I was able to explore all elements of education, from IT to social interactions.

Looking back with the experience I have today, ISL Surrey put me a step ahead of others in respecting and communicating with other cultures in the professional sphere, and by encouraging determination and focus on a single outcome: to be my best self.

ISL Surrey also taught me to pursue my dreams. Once I started University to study Law, I came to the realisation that I had no actual aspiration to get into Law! With my lifelong passion for information technology, and a little courage, the switch was easily made.

Now, I go every day to work to do something about which I am passionate, and where I utilise not only my education, but also the life skills that ISL taught me.

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