Multi Cultural Environment

Multi Cultural Environment

Multi Cultural Environment

At ISL Surrey we do things a little differently. We consciously embrace a genuinely international mindset, welcoming all types of families from across the world, joining our local families in our warm and friendly community.

Our staff come from more than fifteen different nationalities and we have up to twenty seven languages spoken in our school, although English is the school-wide language of communication.

Being part of an environment with people of different backgrounds, races and nationalities is a rewarding and fulfilling personal experience for all. Students learn to embrace diversity and tolerance and are free of cultural barriers and stereotyping. Their total learning experience becomes enriched and this is beneficial to the children's future careers and lives.

Language is central to all learning and teaching at ISL Surrey and is both a tool for further learning and an outcome in itself. We value the role all languages play in personal, social and cultural development as well as in promoting, maintaining and celebrating internationalism within our community.

We have a unique programme that nurtures language, in lessons taught during the school day and integrated into the curriculum. English-speaking children benefit from the opportunity to acquire French as an additional language. Years 1 to 6 enjoy five lessons a week, of forty five minutes each, which is unmatched by any of the other local independent schools.

For our international students, we aim to offer these lessons in their mother tongue. Currently we offer eleven different languages. These languages include Arabic, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Romanian and Russian. Each year additional languages are offered as needed.

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