What Makes Our Staff Special?

Our culture of collaboration and mutual support is central to the practices and behaviour of our staff, who comprise a vital part of our warm and welcoming ISL Surrey community.

"What makes our staff special is kindness - they are peaceful, calm and gentle. I like all of them." Stanley, one of our Year 3 students
"Our boys have attended ISL Surrey Primary for four years now. My husband and I attribute the boys' academic curiosity, interest and their general real love of learning to this fantastic school. The amazing teachers and staff create a warm and caring atmosphere that make the kids thrive socially and academically." Current Year 5 parent

"My family have been part of ISL Surrey for almost 2 years now. I recommend ISL Surrey to anyone that is looking for a school that really puts the individual care and attention to each child. My children have grown so much in confidence and are very happy here. ISL Surrey is a school that is truly proud of its students, and we are privileged to be a part of it." Current Early Years and Year 2 Parent

"My family members and myself can list a thousand reasons why ISL Surrey is unique and special. One very clear reason is the passion that all of the staff at ISL do everything with; and believing in our children and helping them build their characters is the thing that they will carry away after leaving the school. For us that was the key behind staying with the ISL family for as long as we can stay . The sense of belonging to the place is also a significant way that shows much dedication from everyone involved. I would say please keep doing what you're doing because you're simply doing a fantastic job with those kids."
Current Year 4 parent
"Moving my children to this school was one of the best decisions I've ever made! I used to struggle to get my children into school, now I can't get them to leave at the end of the day. The teachers and staff are all wonderful and care about each individual child's happiness and school experience. All schools should be like this and follow in ISL footsteps!" Current Year 4 & Year 6 Parent

"We are so happy that we made the decision to move our son to ISL Surrey. Since joining he now enjoys learning again and he is happy. The teachers are kind and supportive, they make learning fun and encourage individuality."
Current Year 5 Parent

"ISL Surrey is amazing. We’re extremely happy parents of a child in the Early Years Program (EYP), with our younger boy starting as soon as he turns two. We chose ISL as an alternative to nursery, and find the school delivers a much more varied, stimulating, structured and personal experience. We highly recommend EYP and can see the rest of the primary school programme is equally as amazing. It’s great that our four-year-old gets to mix with Reception children and the rest of the school in some of the activities. The mix of international and local families is lovely, and the support given to new arrivals is practical and genuine. As many say, it does feel like a big happy family.
The school’s “global thinkers” theme could never be more important. And the sessions provided for the community are also excellent.
My parents, who both had school careers in Australia, were in awe when they visited, saying, “Why aren’t all schools like this?”
Perhaps the best testament we can give is that when we started at ISL, I was working locally in Woking. Now with both of us parents working in central London, we strongly considered moving away from Woking but decided we’d commute for the primary reason of allowing the boys to continue with ISL Surrey.
ISL really is a school that delivers on their marketing."
Current Early Years parent
"ISL for me is a like a family; to see my kids happy every day and waiting to go to school is fantastic." Current Early Years & Year 1 parent
"I love the workshops of ISL. Once again, Clare Bodfish has managed to take the fear off the parents about our children's educational achievement. Great workshop, great school. Thank you."
Current Year 3 Parent
"My daughter celebrated her birthday in school this week, and came home that afternoon just absolutely beaming and incredibly excited because she had had her own Dutch lesson. She’d been asking me since the start of the school year if she could join the Dutch mother tongue lessons, and the fact that we aren't Dutch was not a sufficient explanation. Well, apparently she had been asking at school as well, because when I enquired the next day as to how she had got a private Dutch lesson, I was told that the Dutch teacher, Ms Leone, had used her own lunch break to give her the class she had been seeking! At the end of the class, she had written out several phrases with phonetic pronunciation so she could practise. I’ve thanked Miss Leone but I just wanted you to know how grateful I am that my children are in such an amazing and supportive environment, where teachers who don’t even teach my child, go out of their way to make her day."
Current Year 1 Parent

We have built a large team of teaching professionals that we believe is second to none; committed, passionate, highly qualified educators – our staff know what it takes to become high achievers, but they also understand the emotional needs of our students, which is placed at the heart of everything they do.

Each of our members of staff is truly passionate about what we do here at ISL Surrey and is always willing to go the extra mile.

Each and every student's potential and ambition is nurtured by our team of enthusiastic educators, who have the expertise and experience to facilitate a truly personalised learning journey. In their care, each of our pupils leaves ISL Surrey with a genuine love of learning and a deep understanding of the core principles of the subjects they will continue to study at their next step.

Together, the ISL Surrey teaching staff have inspired and supported hundreds of students. Each pupil leaves us expertly prepared for a smooth transition onto the secondary school of their choice and with a plethora of skills for life.

ISL Surrey gives children and staff the space to develop and flourish.