The Greatest Show at ISL Surrey
Sarah Price

Our community comes together for a fun Movie Night

"The noblest art is that of making others happy." P.T. Barnum, The Greatest Showman

Thanks to our wonderful staff and PTA, we all enjoyed an entertaining movie night here on Friday evening featuring Thomas & Peppa, The Incredibles and the Greatest Showman.

Pyjamas and popcorn with pals, tasty treats for the young moviegoers and delicious nibbles for their parents - it was without a doubt the greatest show!


Student's wish to 'Save the Pangolins' hits the headlines
Sarah Price

Lukas' money-raising bake sale featured in the Woking News & Mail

Article in the Woking News & Mail about Lukas bake sale to save the pangolinsLukas, one of our Year 3 students, recently planned a charity event for a special project.

Milepost 2 were learning about the rainforest and one of their Home Learning Projects was to research an animal that lives there. Lukas was curious to find out more about the pangolin. As he researched, he became interested in saving pangolins and decided to take action, by launching a Bake Sale, raising a superb £114. 

His heart-warming story has just hit the headlines of the local press 'The Woking News & Mail,' which we are delighted to share with you.

Congratulations to Lukas. We are proud of his achievement on behalf of this worthy cause.

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Book of the week Friday 23rd November
Sarah Price

Big Blue Whale by Nicola Davies reviewed by Billy and Leon

Children reading and writing at a tableThe winners of the Information Book Award 2018 were announced on 7th November 2018 to tie in with Non-Fiction November. The overall winner chosen by the judges was Look I’m a Scientist and the Children’s Choice overall winner was 100 Things You Should Know About Food. The Hachette Children’s Group Award for Outstanding Contribution to Information Books was awarded to Nicola Morgan for her incredible and vitally important contribution to teenage mental health, the teenage brain and well-being. 

Last year, Nicola Davies won this award for her extensive writing on animals for younger children. She is a zoologist who has had the opportunity to study a wide variety of mammals.

It was one of Nicola Davies books 'Big Blue Whale' that Year 1 chose as their favourite book with a blue theme or title on World Children’s Day. Later in the day, Year 2 had the opportunity to listen to the book when Mr Jason read it to them as their Mystery Reader. Billy and Leon have written this week’s Book of the Week:

Billy and Leon's Review

Did you know that a blue whale is heavier than 25 elephants or 115 giraffes? We liked this book because it gave us lots of information and because the illustrations are good.

The most interesting facts that we learned were that a blue whale can have as many as 790 baleen plates in its mouth instead of teeth and that a whale can eat as many as 30 million krill in one day!

We would recommend this book to other children because it’s fun and it teaches us lots of information.

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Miss Leone, our Dutch teacher, gives a special Birthday surprise to student
Sarah Price

A letter of thanks from one of our parents to Miss Leone

"I just wanted to send a quick note to highlight something quite amazing… 

My daughter celebrated her birthday in school this week, and came home that afternoon just absolutely beaming and incredibly excited because she had had her own Dutch lesson. She’d been asking me since the start of the school year if she could join the Dutch mother tongue lessons, and the fact that we aren't Dutch was not a sufficient explanation.

Well, apparently she had been asking at school as well, because when I enquired the next day as to how she had gotten a private Dutch lesson, I was told that the Dutch teacher, Miss Leone, had used her own lunch break to give her the class she had been seeking! At the end of the class, she had written out several phrases with phonetic pronunciation so she could practise. 

I’ve thanked Miss Leone but I just wanted you to know how grateful I am that my children are in such an amazing and supportive environment, where teachers who don’t even teach my child, go out of their way to make her day."

A salute to all the staff at ISL Surrey, who go above and beyond on a daily basis. Not only do you provide an exceptional education for our students, you also provide our community with the kind of students for whom the dream sixth birthday gift, is a foreign language lesson.

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Lukas bakes to 'Save the Pangolins' as part of Year 3 Rainforest Project
Sarah Price

Bake sale this Friday by Lukas in Year 3

Lukas in Year 3In addition to our 'Children in Need' picnic, one of our students, Lukas (Y3), has planned a bake sale for a special project. Milepost 2 have been learning about the rainforest and one of their Home Learning Projects was to research an animal that lives there. Lukas was curious to find out more about the pangolin. As he researched, he became interested in saving pangolins and decided to take action... 

We would like to ask you to visit his bake sale at 15:30 on Friday 16th November to buy one of his delicious cakes to 'Save the Pangolins'.

Interview with Lukas
How did you learn about pangolins?
In IPC we are studying for a unit called 'Save the World - Rainforest'. For my Home Learning project I had to choose an animal I could research. My animal can be found in the rainforest and what I found out during my research is that the pangolin is endangered, and about to become extinct!

Picture of a PangolinWhy do you want to raise money for the pangolins?
Because they are endangered and nearly extinct. The organisation which helps the pangolins are in need of money to achieve that. With just £32, I can adopt a pangolin and contribute to the cause.

Who made the cakes for the Bake Sale?
Me, and my mummy.

What are you asking the children at school to do?
To come and visit my Bake Sale and buy a delicious piece of cake so that we can help save the pangolins.

Lukas, we want to commend you for your passion!

For those who would want to support Lukas and his cause please, come and visit him on Friday 16th of November.

For only £1, you can buy a piece of cake. (Other donations are greatly appreciated.)
Your donations will go to the following organisation:

Flyer for Lukas bake sale to save the Pangolins


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