The Arts

Children working with clay

Creativity is woven through every class at ISL Surrey – be it problem-solving in maths, writing poetry in the library, or making the calculations to safely construct a tree house platform. Nevertheless, a purposeful approach to the arts provides an exciting space to explore creative thinking in new ways.

At ISL Surrey, artistic pursuits are valued in their own right, as well as for their contribution to broader academic development. Our arts programme is thoroughly integrated into the curriculum and is a vital part of every classroom.

Music and Theatre are coached by expert practitioners in our high-tech performance studios. All classes are fully inclusive, and students work together to explore complex themes and develop their own ideas. Performances are devised by students, so every child experiences productions as the culmination of a challenging process rather than a single event. Developing collaborative skills is an important outcome, as is driving a sense of ownership, pride, and mutual accountability in the students.

The visual arts are comprehensively included in International Primary Curriculum (IPC) units, using a wide range of media and applications. In this real-world context, the work is given immediacy and relevance, and we take great care to reflect the voice of our diverse student body. As well as building technical skills, attention is paid to developing competencies such as research, editing, and peer-coaching while we work.

The focus is on finding and nurturing the innate creativity of each student. Through theatre, music and visual art, our students take creative risks and are encouraged to develop their own distinctive style.

In addition to the timetabled curriculum, peripatetic music lessons are available within school time.

After school lessons, offered as part of our Extra Curricular Programme, include dance, acrobatics and circus arts.

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