Science and Technology at ISL Surrey

The ISL Surrey vision of technology is to support a culture of innovation, creativity and collaboration by providing access to technology that empowers students to be self directed, responsible and adaptable learners in our interconnected world.

We view technology as a tool to enhance and support learning, thus technology is carefully incorporated into the curriculum to help deepen students’ understanding of subjects as they create, problem solve and collaborate.

Under our careful guidance they learn to understand from an early age the importance of being responsible digital citizens and are encouraged to develop an awareness of their own digital footprint.

Students have access to:

  • Mobile iPad and laptop carts to create flexible learning environments – anytime and anywhere
  • Interactive whiteboards and projection devices in every classroom to support sharing and collaboration
  • Suite of Google Apps for Education to create projects that support their units of inquiry

In addition to this the 3D printer allows students to be involved with the design process and developing prototypes for real world applications. Groups have experimented and explored programming through the use of online programmes and gadgets. Learning is created, published and shared using a variety of media.