Girl and woman looking at each other in a language lesson

Despite ample evidence demonstrating the powerful impact of multilingualism on academic achievement, as well as personal and professional success, British schools generally do not pay proportionate attention to language instruction. At ISL Surrey however, we are cognisant of the benefits of being exposed to languages at a young age and are committed to supporting home languages. We deliver a robust and extensive language programme within the curriculum while supporting community language schools outside of school hours.

As an integral part of the school curriculum and school day, we currently have ten taught languages for those children with more than one language at home, with offerings changing annually according to student demographics.

A comprehensive French acquisition (foreign language) curriculum for our monolingual students is also provided, with a focus on fluency, and ‘opening their ears' to the mechanics of other languages.

Language lessons adopt a communicative approach, in order to maximise meaningful exchanges and deeper acquisition of language. The generous 3-4 hours set aside for language learning each week, highlights the school's commitment to multilingualism.

  • Reception: 3 x 45 minutes a week
  • Years 1-6: 5 x 45 minutes a week

A hand with fingers as puppetsFrench Language Acquisition

We have a unique French acquisition programme here at ISL Surrey.

All monolingual children benefit from the opportunity to enjoy learning French as an additional language. Language acquisition lessons focus on oral and verbal abilities, through meaningful role-play, story-telling, music and game-based learning. Years 1 to 6 enjoy an unparalleled five language lessons per week.

Home Language Support Programme

We are renowned for our fantastic Home Language Support programme which is designed to perfectly support our multilingual students. Lessons are fully integrated into the school day and the curriculum, with a focus on developing oracy and literacy, whilst making links to the IPC topics.

Multilingual children can opt to follow a personalised home language programme, which embraces the students’ cultural and linguistic heritage, supports fluency, and ensures successful transition back to education in their home language.

Currently we can offer eleven different languages. These languages include Arabic, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Romanian and Russian. Each year additional languages can be offered as needed.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Students who are new to learning in English are fully supported by highly-qualified EAL specialists and the classroom teacher. This collaboration ensures a smooth transition into an English language learning environment. EAL sessions take place individually or in small groups

Language Schools at ISL Surrey

Extra to the school curriculum, our campus supports language schools for Italian, Portuguese, French and Mandarin, and these schools have become valued partners in serving the diverse population of Surrey.

Our resident linguistics expert, Susan Stewart, also runs a variety of Workshops for Parents, including a Bilingual workshop.