English and Literacy

Children reading

For our English and literacy development, we have selected the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE) for their excellent quality resources and expertise. Another research-based programme, the CLPE places literacy at the heart of all learning, allowing students to build connections across subjects and develop a passion for literature. The CLPE’s ‘Power of Reading’ programme has been rolled out throughout the school. We benefit particularly from the expertise of our Head of Curriculum, who is a senior practitioner in the field, training others around the country in best practice for primary literacy.

We take care to examine natural links across the whole curriculum, and wherever possible we ensure writing is purposeful and connected to the student experience. We create a community of avid readers, focusing on the provision of high-quality texts, supported by a well-resourced library and a qualified librarian. Opportunities to develop and share a love of reading are apparent across the whole school, and in using a wide variety of approaches to bring texts alive, literacy is taught creatively and effectively.

Our literacy programme is underpinned by a strong focus on oracy, with speaking and listening skills embedded across the curriculum. Intentionally developing oracy across the whole community (including town hall meetings, class debates and student-led assemblies) enables confidence and provides opportunities for students to find their voice. ISL Surrey provides a learning environment that is rich in learning and dialogic, and students are active participants in their education.