Inquiry-based Learning

ISL Surrey is a happy and healthy place for children to be educated, and our curriculum is designed to support long term academic and personal success. Our approach is based on current research into best practice because we know that what used to work, is not likely to be sufficient for the world that our children are growing up in. We have amalgamated elements of best practice from around the world, creating a bespoke programme, perfectly curated for a student body heading into an increasingly competitive future.

At ISL Surrey, we believe in an enquiry-based approach to learning. Through deep questioning and sustained shared thinking, we encourage children to explore their learning and develop their critical-thinking skills.

Our personalised approach embeds learning in real-world experiences so that it is deeper and contextualised. Our real-world approach is supported by our forest classrooms, our permaculture garden, our innovative outdoor spaces, our community engagement programme, as well as our many school excursions and residential trips.

Our rigorous Maths and English programmes ensure children master key concepts, giving them the tools for success in their future studies. In addition, we use the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) to challenge our childrens' thinking about global issues. This programme nurtures a love of learning whilst developing knowledge, skills, attitudes and understanding.