Community Engagement

Children and senior citizens

A key element of our curriculum is ensuring our students benefit from learning opportunities that look beyond the walls of the classroom.

One example of this is our community engagement programme, for students from Early Years through to Year 6. This is the result of an initiative which came from our students - the children wanted to help make life more interesting and pleasant for the elderly.

There is much evidence to prove that this relationship between our elderly citizens and the younger generation is hugely beneficial. Some statistics suggest that around 60% of nursing home residents never receive visitors, and recent surveys have indicated that almost 75% of older people in the UK feel lonely. By establishing positive links with a leading provider of nursing homes in Woking, our children focus on the solutions they can bring to the issue.

The care home that the children visit regularly is purpose built and houses up to sixty residents. The activity director at the care home has told us that nothing makes their residents happier than seeing children. We know that our visits are hugely beneficial for the children too - developing confidence, compassion and important social skills. It is so important to encourage young people to to see the wisdom that can be found in their elders, and to appreciate them as people.

Our energetic children have the care home residents (even the more curmudgeonly among them) laughing, talking, singing, and playing games within a matter of minutes of arriving. It is really all about learning through generations and caring about each other. The initiative has proved very popular, and we are deeply proud of the children's work.