Transitions Programme

Transitions Programme

Mobility amongst students, family and staff is part of being in an international school, but one of the critical factors in settling into a new community is the support received.

Moving to a new school and culture influences a child’s well-being and learning capacity. At ISL Surrey we are proud of our multicultural environment and our Global Thinking mindset and our community actively supports these challenges, whilst highlighting the positive aspects of being a “global nomad”. Children who are emotionally secure will adapt to school life faster yet children can only feel balanced and secure if the key people in their lives feel settled and involved as well.

The ISL Surrey Crossroads Transitions Programme endeavours to support students, parents and staff with their transitions to, from and during their stay at our school.

Some examples of the activities of the Crossroads Transitions Programme include:

• Induction protocols for new families and staff.
• A Buddy Programme for parents.
• Transition workshops (both to and from the school) for parents.
• A Buddy Programme for students.
• A voice for students via the Student Council.
• Pre-arrival contact from the mother tongue teachers in the family’s own language.
• English lessons for parents.
• An A-Z Guide for relocating to Woking and the UK.

The goal is to ensure all members of the ISL Surrey community feel like they belong.

Transitions Support

Watch a video about the Transitions programme here:

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