Workshops for Parents

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We offer a variety of free workshops throughout the year. We believe these are valuable opportunities to cement the partnership between home and school. Attendance is limited, so please reserve your place as soon as possible.

"Your reading workshop was invaluable and I'd love to hear any spelling tips if your school would be willing to share."

"Thanks for the was a very useful and clarifying session. The examples given by you explain a lot not only in terms of teaching reading in English but in Russian as well."

"It was real pleasure being part of the Developing Global Thinker's Workshop. I found the session very useful in particular the part about suggestions how exactly parents can encourage Global Thinking at home. As a result of the workshop I had straight away booked the Week Junior magazine for 19 weeks and had purchased a giant world map. Simple things but it takes understanding to put them in concept for dedicated child development. Thank you very much for your time and effort in putting this together."

Raising your Bilingual Child

These workshops are aimed at parents interested in preserving the family’s mother tongue, or home language, in an English-speaking environment.

They provide tips on gracefully negotiating the many linguistic issues within a multilingual family, whilst developing both the child’s home language and English.

Find out more about our Bilingual Workshop for Parents

How to Support your Child in Maths

Counters? Fingers?! Recall?!?

Ever feel confused about the best way to support your child in their maths learning? Unsure about which strategies and resources to use?

Find out more about our Maths Workshop for Parents

Fonics? Phonicks? Phonics?

Need help in understanding the many different processes your child goes through when learning to read and write?

This workshop will focus on phonics and the role it plays in literacy development.

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Developing Global Thinkers

What is Global Thinking? Why is it becoming increasingly important to encourage our children to become big picture thinkers in the 21st Century?

In our ever changing world it’s vital that students can apply what they have learned beyond the classroom.

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