Welcome to ISL Surrey Primary School

A student recently told me that she regards our school as her second home. It reinforced my belief that ISL Surrey is a special place where every child is valued. Our approach to learning is personalised so that individual talents are recognised, nurtured and developed.

We model a love of learning in an environment where everyone can flourish and grow. Our goal is to embed a spirit of curiosity in our students by promoting a culture of creativity, and grounding our learning in real-world experiences.

Our strong community creates a safe and caring school where parents, teachers, and children have a deep sense of belonging and can be themselves.

We prize the diversity of our students and celebrate the richness of their global experience. The development of our students' home languages is robustly supported, as we believe that preserving a child's identity is the key to his or her success.

Welcome to our dynamic community.

To find out more about us, why not visit us on one of our Open Days?

Richard Parker
Principal UK Schools