Learning Outside The Classroom

Forest School

"The best classroom and the richest cupboard is only roofed by the sky"

At ISL Surrey we embed learning wherever possible in real-world experiences so that learning is deeper and contextualised. This is part of our approach to learning. Our IPC (International Primary Curriculum) units naturally align themselves with issues of global importance, such as fair trade, individual rights and responsibilities, and concerns for the environment.

Outside learning is a key element of our real-world approach, and includes our forest classrooms, our permaculture garden and innovative outdoor spaces, alongside our community engagement programme.

By taking children out of the classroom into our outdoor spaces we spark their imagination, allow them to meet new challenges, and explore curriculum areas in a fresh way. Wherever possible we take learning beyond the classroom. The children love exploring the world outside and getting their hands dirty. Amongst the highlights are our gardens, which are specifically designed for these different activities. We are particularly proud of our ongoing sustainable permaculture project.

We also run a number of community projects that support learning, including a project where our older students have partnered with a higher education institution to look at connections between music and welfare for the elderly, building on our links with a local care home.

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